The Background

ClickMechanic is a platform that specialises in connecting trusted mechanics with those in need of repairs or assistance.

The website allows users to enter their car info and the work that needs doing, matching them up with a fully vetted mechanic with a fair and transparent quote, in a mere matter of minutes.

Clickmechanic and matt newing

Why I Invested in ClickMechanic

I’ve known Andrew, founder and owner of ClickMechanic, since 2009, after meeting through a mutual friend. We were re-introduced again in 2018 when Andrew was looking for the funds to get ClickMechanic off the ground. For me, this business venture was a no-brainer.

Being a fan of cars myself, ClickMechanic really combined my two areas of interest into the ideal investment opportunity, as well as a platform with huge potential for real-world application.

Matt Newing helping ClickMechanic succeed

How I Could Help ClickMechanic

After realising the value and impact that ClickMechanic could have on the industry, I was ready to make an investment in the company alongside some other very credible investors.

Andrew already had a solid vision behind the platform and just needed some start-up capital to turn his dream into a reality. I was only too happy to offer the amount that was needed to help propel and accelerate the growth of ClickMechanic, along with any advice and connections I could offer.

As an investor, I want to ensure that the companies I invest in become successful; something which takes more than just capital. That’s why I’m always happy to offer advice and support where needed.

The Result

My investment and support have enabled ClickMechanic to hire more great people and expand their team, whilst also ensuring that the business had a solid financial foundation. Now ClickMechanic is well on its way to becoming the UK’s market-leading platform of its kind and I’m certainly excited about the future potential of this company.

For more information on ClickMechanic and their services, visit their website here.