Acquisitions And Mergers Are The Core Of My Business,
Drive And Growth.


In a fast-paced and dynamic world, the need for businesses to be agile and adaptive is more important than ever. For businesses looking to grow, being able to anticipate and react to these changes is crucial.

Discover my acquisition history throughout the years

Acquisition History

In the early days, I acquired solely for growth, so a contracted customer base was key. I now opt for more strategic acquisitions, seeking out products and services that complement my current portfolio.

My first acquisition of fellow Lancastrian firm, GP Telecoms, was followed by a burst of activity which, over the subsequent years, led to Elite Group taking over or partnering with numerous businesses. My strategic focus has always been clear, to purchase businesses that give Elite Group the best footing to grow in new and emerging markets.

As a group, we have now completed 20 acquisitions, including both asset purchases and share purchase deals and have a dedicated acquisitions team committed to finding and bringing on board the very best IT and unified communications businesses into the fold.


Talented employees

On the Look Out for Talent

We are constantly looking to enhance Elite Group’s suite of products, skill sets and experience, and to bring on board both new clients and talented people. By proactively searching for complementary businesses to acquire or integrate, acquisitions are set to fuel even more growth in the future.

I have always maintained that the best investment you can make via acquisitions is employing and retaining the best people. Without this, Elite Group wouldn’t have some of our most talented key players that have helped to make Elite Group the major company that it is today. One of our directors, Alex Cliffe, is a perfect example, having been with us since the age of 19 starting as an office administrator.

Indeed, we’ve acquired some of our brightest business brains through the acquisitions of other companies including our current head of technology, IT head of sales and commercial manager, as well as our CEO, Rob Sims.


What my Business Partners are saying


"Working with Matt has brought valuable insight into scaling up our business. Obtaining funds to grow is only a small part of a successful company scale up. Having the right investor that understands your industry and is fully supportive is essential. We were fortunate to find this with Matt and his team".

Thomas Taylor , E-Sign

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"As a business owner, you could not ask for a better investor than Matt. He gives you the space to operate and doesn't get involved in the minutiae, yet is accessible and offers support or guidance when the situation requires it."

Ant Chisnall, Driver net

"Matt is exactly the type of investor that every ambitious start-up dreams of. His approach is to support the companies he works with, be available when they need it and not be overbearing. He is straight forward with no pretences and is a pleasure to work with".

Andrew Jervis, ClickMechanic

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"Matt has been an incredible supporter of ours. Helping with our early stage platform build through to putting us in touch with the right people for funding".

Julian Ranger,

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What I am particularly interested in acquiring within the following sectors:

Matt Newing is particularly interested in acquiring within the technology industry.


  • Virtualised infrastructure and cloud solution providers
  • IT Managed service providers
  • Network, Collaboration and Security solutions providers
  • Microsoft Partners
  • Cloud applications
  • Managed service providers
Communications and Acquisitions


  • Connectivity providers
  • Hosted Voice and Telephony Services
  • SIP and VoIP
  • Mitel Resellers
  • Reseller of Business Mobile services
  • Gamma Resellers

Do you have a great business idea?

Matt newing discussing acquisitions and investments

I’m always on the lookout for acquisition opportunities to complement and grow my existing businesses… but finding a compatible business is absolutely essential to a smooth and successful acquisition. To ensure an acquisition is beneficial all around, my team and I always do our homework, examining the product set, numbers, people, and culture to determine if the business is a good fit for us. This step is a vital part of our strategy before we proceed into the more official channels.