The Background

Founded in 2013 in Liverpool, E-Sign supplies electronic signatures and digital document management solutions to businesses in both the public and private sector.

With their range of digital functionalities including not only a reliable and secure e-signature but also a digital ID checker, payment gateway and webform capabilities, E-Sign offers its users a comprehensive and transformative digital solution empowering them to ditch outdated paper-based processes and embrace time-saving digital solutions.

Tom discusses e-sign and matt newings investment help

Why I Invested in E-Sign

For me, the huge potential of E-Sign and the fast-growing electronic signatures sector made me want to get involved with this company. I saw the huge potential in the business and, as always, I was keen to support technology that would open the industry and make it more competitive for other organisations.

I also admired the vision of MD, Tom Taylor, who was looking to shake up the UK market, taking on established US-based competitors in the process. That’s ultimately why I decided to invest £400k in the company. The market was still tough for young businesses at the time and it was good we could work with Thomas and his dynamic team to enable the next phase of their growth.

Matt Newing helping E-Sign succeed

How I Could Help E-Sign

The Liverpool-based firm was looking for investments to support their growth and development in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market. As an entrepreneur and investor, I’m always on the lookout for digital and technology investments. In this respect, our business interests aligned.

Thomas Taylor, Managing Director of E-Sign: “We were delighted to have Matt on board. This injection of growth capital ensured we could remain competitive in the SaaS market and that we had the resources and infrastructure to realise our significant expansion plans into more industries and countries.”

The Result

My investment ultimately provided them with the capital they needed to expand their business in the right direction.

In addition to this, I was also able to offer the company a full digital marketing team to manage their social media, SEO, and content creation. This has helped E-Sign expand their online presence and increase their search ranking, which is vital for directing potential customers to their website and generating new leads and sales.