The Background

Digi.me company background and history

Digi.me is an app that promotes individual control over personal and business data, with the aim of increasing security and privacy in the era of online information.

By centralising all data into one app, digi.me empowers businesses and individuals to control and use their data effectively- something which has never been more important as we move our lives increasingly online.

Why I Invested in Digi.me

Whilst having a diverse portfolio of investments has always been an important part of my strategy, I’m especially interested in procuring IT, digital and telecoms companies. When the opportunity to invest in digi.me came up, I was inspired by the vision and potential of the software, as well as its application to protect personal data.

Indeed, the further we move into the digital age, the more apparent it’s become that there’s a real need to protect our digital information. The fact that digi.me aims to get ahead of the game and solve this problem made this an exciting investment opportunity for me.

Matt Newing helping Digi.me succeed

How I Could Help Digi.me

The team at Digi.me were looking for investors to help build their platform and embark on their mission of increasing privacy and control of personal data. Having extensive experience in the digital and IT market myself, I knew this was an ideal investment opportunity for me. I had the capital and connections to really support this project and help to turn it into a viable and profitable business.

I ultimately decided to invest in the business in July 2013 and have since made subsequent investments to support the development of the business, ensuring they have the capital they need to realise their vision.

The Result

My contribution, along with other investors, enabled digi.me to build their platform at the earliest stages, with the understanding that aggregation and privacy of personal data would only become an increasingly compelling societal issue in the near future.

This enabled them to get ahead of the game and become a leader in the market, as well as putting the company in a prime position to capitalise on the moves towards MyData/human-centric world for personal data. Seeing digi.me develop as both a software and a company has been a privilege and I’m certainly excited to see how they develop both now and into the future.