The Background 

DriverNet app helps dispatch drivers and manage a mobile workforce

Based in St Helens, DriverNet is an app that helps dispatch drivers and manage a mobile workforce, all from one centralised place.

With the ability to improve co-ordination, tracking and communication across a mobile workforce, DriverrNet can be deployed across a variety of sectors, including courier/delivery services, patient transfer mobile community services.

Why I Invested in DriverNet

I was introduced to the company founder, Ant, via an old school friend of mine and was immediately intrigued by the DriverNet app. I saw the huge potential in the platform, and the fact that Ant had first mover advantage in the mobility market. I invited him out to Marbella to deliver his pitch, Dragon’s Den style and ultimately decided to invest. 

I’m keen to support new tech that will make a difference to other organisations. It can be tough for start-ups and it was good to be able to help with the next phase of investment to ensure DriverNet got where it needed to be.    

Matt Newing helping DriverNet succeed

How I Could Help DriverNet

DriverNet had gained earlystage traction with awards, grant funding and their first pilot before I got on board as an investor. As with many brilliant ideas, however, DriverNet needed additional funding to help turn their strong potential into a strong business. 

My initial backing and support enabled DriverNet to launch on the market. Since then, I decided to increase my stake in DriverNet, offering additional capital in the process. I’m excited to see what developments the next few years brings and how Ant continues to grow the business.  

The Result

My investments gave DriverNet the opportunity to grow their team and reach their first revenues at the right time. Since then, the team has expanded to over 15 people and DriverNet has secured over half a million pounds of public sector funding from ESA and Liverpool City Region Authority during the pandemic. 

As a result, they are now working with some of the biggest councils in the UK, the NHS and private health care providers to help improve their logistics and transport capabilities.