Whilst investing in companies is a great way to expand my portfolio, there’s nothing quite like founding and owning your own business. After selling second-hand bikes for a profit when I was in college, I knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur and business owner. I’ve since gone on to found several successful businesses across a variety of sectors, particularly across the business IT and telecoms industries.

In business, as in life, I let my values guide me in everything I do.

My Values

In business, as in life, I let my values guide me in everything I do. While it may sound like a common cliché, I truly believe passion for your business and industry is everything. If you’re passionate about what you do, the drive and determination that’s needed to succeed in the business world will come naturally.

While passion, drive and determination are vital for any budding entrepreneur, there are some values I’ve come to recognise as equally important during my time as a business owner, namely humility and teamwork. 

Knight Security

Founder . 1993

Knight Security was the very first company I founded back in 1993, with a friend and business partner I’m met whilst studying at St Helens Technical College. The goal here was to provide high quality and professionalised security services to businesses through out the North West.

Churchill Security

Founder . 1996

After buying out my co-founder and becoming the sole owner of Knight Security, I decided to rebrand the company to Churchill Security, as well as incorporate the business. This marked the start of the company’s growth phase, turning Churchill Security into a trusted national security provider.

Elite Telecom

Founder . 2000

By the mid-90s, one thing was clear; founding a technology company was the way to go forward. Elite Telecom started out life as a business venture selling memorable telephone numbers to businesses. From there, it grew into a fully-fledged business IT and telecoms company, supplying businesses across the UK with the tech they need to survive and thrive in a modern market.


Acquisition . 2014

I became the owner of Wi-Manx and after spending 5 years on the Isle of Man, I decided the market needed shaking up. Whilst acquisitions have always been part of the Elite Group growth strategy, I ultimately decided to keep this trusted and recognisable brand name, focusing the business on residential phone and Fibre broadband provision.

Elite Group

Founder . 2018

By 2018, Elite Telecoms had reached new heights and had definitely outgrown the name. After making multiple acquisitions since the company’s founding, the Elite brand had expanded its scope of service and talent; it needed a new name to better encompass all of these changes… From here Elite Group was born.

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Elite Group IOM

Founder . 2020

In 2020, we decided to bring the brand power of Elite Group to the Isle of Man. Specialising in business IT, voice and connectivity, Elite Group IOM combines local knowledge with the experience and resources of the wider Group. This also coincided with the decommissioning of our Island-based data centre because of our cloud-first strategy, making 2020 an exciting year for the Elite Group brand.


Founder . 2020

As my newest business venture, Tariff.com marks my expansion into the carbon neutral business sector. Focusing on carbon consultancy, carbon reduction and green energy, Tariff.com ultimately aims to save businesses time and money on their journey to carbon neutral.

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Churchill Support Services

Founder . 2021

After further expanding its scope of service, especially during the pandemic year, the name Churchill Security no longer accurately reflected all the value-added services the company could provide. Churchill could provide so much more than just security services, namely cleaning solutions, facilities management and energy comparison. That’s why we decided to rebrand to Churchill Support Services.

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Elite Group IT

Founder . 2022

Establish in 2021, Elite Group IT was formed after Isle of Man companies, Elite Group IOM and IT Works, merged together. Joining Elite’s leading business fibre and hosted voice services with IT Works’ premier IT support and hosted desktop offering, Elite Group IT combines the very best of the island’s IT and telecoms into one provider.

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